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About Tina Baugh

Howdy! I'm Tina Marie Baugh, a senior healthcare information technology leader. With a strong background in technology and a passion for driving positive change, I have made significant strides in delivering reliable, highly available, and secure infrastructure services.


One of the most rewarding aspects of my journey has been my mission to develop IT teams as valuable contributors to organizational growth. By setting measurable goals aligned with business targets, I have transformed IT from a cost center to a value-add asset.


The results have come by investing time with individual IT leaders. Developing each team member to become a better version of themselves. Many leaders invested in me, and continue to invest in me to help me grow. I enjoy helping others along their paths.


Outside of the professional realm, I am a proud Mom of a talented musical theatre performer currently residing in New York City. I also enjoy exploring the Dallas-Fort Worth area with my husband of over 25 years. We uncover hidden gems and create lasting memories together.


I am an avid reader and enjoy indulging in cozy mysteries, personal development, and business books that inspire continual growth. Engaging with thought-provoking podcasts also keeps me abreast of the latest trends and best practices in the field.


When not immersed in the world of technology and leadership, I savor moments over a great cup of coffee, adding a comforting touch to my endeavors.


I believe in nurturing a balanced and open-minded approach to life, always striving for personal and professional growth. Trust and collaboration are the keys to success, and I continuously seek to forge meaningful connections within the industry.


If you share a passion for technology, innovation, and cozy reads, or simply enjoy life's little delights, I'd love to connect on LinkedIn and explore endless possibilities together. Let's share knowledge, resources, and experiences to shape the future of healthcare technology.

Tina Marie Baugh Portrait

Lead with the business problem you are solving,
not the technology solution.

Tina is a continual learner. She has earned a Bachelor of Science degree at Texas A&M University, as well as a Masters in Healthcare Management at Cappella University.  In addition to her college career, Tina regularly earns new certifications while maintaining existing ones to stay sharp in her field.

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