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Let us guide you along the pathway to leadership excellence in technology

Empowering seasoned technology experts turned managers, Technology Leader Development bridges the gap between technical prowess and leadership excellence. Our comprehensive training addresses the critical skills required to lead teams effectively, navigate compliance, security, vendor management, and strategic thinking, fostering their transformation into influential leaders within their organizations.

You probably are a recognized technology expert in your field. Over time, you most likely have secured a management position based on this technical expertise. You have a deep knowledge of the work and customers. Within a short time, you are asked to complete the analysis and recommend a vendor for a major project. You have always been a technical lead, not a procurement specialist, how do you do this? Over and over, technical experts turned managers are put into situations for which they have not been trained.

Technology Leader Development provides practical training and templates to help you learn at your own pace, right when you need it, skills to help you move from a tech expert to an accomplished leader. This confidence can help increase your satisfaction with your current position and may help as you strive for the next promotion.

Training is in small chunks that can be watched between meetings or during a break



Learning at work or at home at anytime of the day.

A great deal of the resources and training are at no charge. Check them out!

Low Cost
or No Cost

What are the benefits of TLD?

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